Claire understands  all kids do better when we invest in them at an early age. By caring for our youngest children, we can level the playing field and increase opportunities for the next generation. She is proud of the legislation she has fought for this session to invest in our youngest kids.

The historic Fair Start for Kids Act will begin to make childcare accessible and affordable for Washington families by:

  • Reducing copays and expanding eligibility for the Working Connections Child Care and Early Childhood Education and Assistance programs.
  • Investing in expanding and building Child Care facilities.
  • Strengthening child care programs by expanding access to support services, mental health consultations, dual language supports and more.
  • Support child care businesses and workers by increasing subsidy rates, expanding access to health insurance for providers and providing resources for professional development.

Claire also championed legislation to fight racial and economic disparities while supporting young kids by:

  • Expanding access to families with children to the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program to those whose income is below 200 percent of federal poverty.
  • Fighting the opportunity gap for tribal children by creating a pathway to stream funding directly through tribes.
  • Expanding access to childcare for parents who are attending high school or working towards completion of a high school equivalency certificate, as well as those student parents who are attending our 2 and 4 year colleges and universities.

Claire Speaks with the League of Education Voters about the Fair Start for Kids Act

Claire speaks with the Equity in Education Coalition about the Fair Start for Kids Act

Next Steps:

Invigorated by her victories on behalf of Washington’s youngest kids, Claire will continue to build an equitable and supportive system for young kids and families. Many of the challenges we face in early education have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Childcare shortages are keeping women out of the workforce and contributing to household stress. Claire is fighting for affordable, accessible education for all our families.