Wilson Rejects Corporate Money, Calls on Miloscia to Join


DATE: September 6, 2018

CONTACT: Nilofar Ganjaie

PHONE: (253) 237-4799

Federal Way School Board President and Candidate for State Senate Claire Wilson Refuses Corporate PAC Money,

Calls on Senator Miloscia to do the Same

FEDERAL WAY— Claire Wilson, President of the Federal Way School Board and candidate for Washington State Senate in the 30th Legislative District, pledged today to refuse corporate campaign contributions and called on her opponent Senator Mark Miloscia to do the same.

“My campaign has always been about fighting for local people and priorities and bringing their voices to Olympia. Right now, those voices are being drowned out by the hundreds of thousands of special-interest dollars pouring into my opponent’s campaign from big banks, oil, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies,” said Wilson. “Senator Miloscia claims to be an independent voice, but his campaign contributions tell a different story. I’m calling on him to put his money where his mouth is and join me in rejecting corporate PAC money,” she continued.

According to the Public Disclosure Commission, combined spending against Claire Wilson by corporate-funded Super PACs in the August 7 primary totaled $385,580. That’s over $20,000 more than what was spent against Senator Manka Dhingra (D) in the high profile 2017 special election that became the most expensive legislative campaign in state history.

“I’m proud to say I’ve raised $105,519 from over 1,200 individual donors, and 93% of what I’ve raised is from right here in Washington. I answer to the people of this district, not special interests. I encourage voters to stay informed about who is behind the political attack ads flooding our district and what their true motives are,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s campaign recently launched a website that tracks outside spending in the 30th district and dives deeper into highly politicized claims being made against her: www.FollowMarksMoney.com.